PXL Vision receives eIDAS certification

September 5, 2022


ID Verification in Seconds: PXL Vision receives European eIDAS Certification

  • Swiss technology provider PXL Vision enables companies to verify the identity of their customers digitally and quickly with an AI-based process
  • PXL Vision has now received eIDAS certification for both native mobile and browser-based applications
  • With its eIDAS certification PXL Vision fulfills the high security standards of trust service providers and may issue Qualified Electronic Signatures
  • eIDAS is the most important regulation in the EU for electronic identification

Berlin, 06.09.2022 - The technology provider and Swiss market leader PXL Vision has been certified with its identification solutions Daego© Web and Daego© Mobile according to the EU Regulation EU 910/2014 - specifically Articles 20 (1) and 24 (1d) - as well as the other relevant requirements of the eIDAS regulation: The certified products meet the EU's high security standards in the field of electronic identification.

Thanks to its certification as an eIDAS-compliant identification service PXL Vision can now be integrated into the process of so-called trust service providers in all EU countries and issue qualified electronic signatures.

eIDAS-compliant procedure with artificial intelligence

The certified products are plug-and-play solutions that enable identity verification via both media browser and mobile app, for iOS and Android devices. The identity verification process takes 30 seconds and involves a few steps: First individuals scan their identity documents and then take a short selfie video of themselves. The application then uses its AI-based algorithm to automatically check the integrity of the ID, the liveness of the person and ensure that the person on the ID matches the one in the video. Moreover the solution compares the personal data entered beforehand with that on the ID card.

The mobile app also makes it possible to check biometric ID documents directly via their NFC chips, which they can access through the data from the machine-readable zone of the ID cards. The stored data is extracted and validated to ensure that the ID document is authentic. This makes the identification process even more secure.

eIDAS certification paves the way to new markets

The eIDAS certification allows PXL Vision to enter the regulated European market and enables integration into the offering of trust service providers. The digital identification required for the qualified electronic signature can now be outsourced to PXL Vision. For customers of trust service providers, financial institutions, insurance companies or even eID providers, this means that they can conclude contracts in a secure, user-friendly and time-saving manner.

Michael Born, CEO of PXL Vision, comments: "Thanks to the eIDAS certification, our solution can be implemented in the qualified electronic signature process. To ensure that electronic identity verification can be smoothly embedded in customer processes, our solution is also available as white label. This brings us a big step closer to our mission: Offering secure, frictionless and reliable identity verification to everyone. "

Audited processes and high accuracy

PXL Vision is already ISO:IEC 27001:2013 certified and fulfills the security standards required for Information Security Management Systems (ISMS). For the eIDAS certification, TÜV Austria reviewed technical and procedural aspects of the identification process, in particular how quality is ensured in the long run and how security is guaranteed over the entire process. Finally PXL Vision's technology meets the relevant requirements of the ETSI EN 319 401 and ETSI EN 319 411-1/2 standards and provides security equivalent to physical presence allowing trust services to issue Qualified Electronic Signature certificates.

About PXL Vision

PXL Vision is the Swiss market leader and premium provider of enterprise identification solutions. Based on artificial intelligence, PXL Vision offers a highly flexible, modular and configurable software platform for secure and fully automated identity verification to meet complex requirements worldwide. PXL Vision helps businesses reduce customer onboarding and compliance costs, increase online sales and prevent identity fraud. The seamless 30-second verification process minimizes abandonment and increases sales. PXL Vision is trusted by industry leaders such as Swisscom, Swiss Life, Migros and SwissID. The company is headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, and operates throughout Europe, the UK and North America.

For more information about PXL Vision, visit https://www.pxl-vision.com.


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