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PXL Vision December 02, 2021
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Berlin, 01 December 2021. Passwords are a pain. They are always not complex enough. You shouldn't use them more than once, and even if you've done everything right, there's still the risk of theft in a hacker or phishing attack. PXL Vision, experts in secure, fully automated identity verification based on artificial intelligence, now puts an end to this and retires the password.

PXL Vision now offers its service, which has so far been used primarily by banks, insurance companies and telecommunications companies when opening accounts or contracts, to all providers of online accounts. Be it customer access, e-mail accounts or the activation of applications in the office. With PXL Vision's system, the user can be identified without doubt, securely and without assigning a password.

For example, the Swiss company Nevis Security AG recently started using PXL Vision's system. Thanks to PXL Vision's technology, Nevis, a leading provider of passwordless authentication, is able to provide clients with access to online services without the need for passwords and expensive SMS messaging. "Working with PXL Vision allows us to reduce security risks and provide maximum convenience for our clients to access online accounts. Studies show that stolen passwords play a role in over 80 percent of all digital security leaks and attacks," said Nevis CEO, Stephan Schweizer.

The founder and CEO of PXL Vision, Michael Born, says: "Passwords are a child of the 90s. Today, every consumer has an unmanageable number of online accesses. That's where the password is out of date. It is no longer a user-friendly or secure procedure. With the decision to open our innovative service to further fields of application, we offer modern, simple and secure access to all online accounts."

And it goes like this:

When registering for the first time, the user holds an ID card in front of the mobile phone or PC camera. The system, which recognizes IDs worldwide, checks the document using numerous visual features and reads the NFC chip if it is present. Afterwards, the user simply looks briefly into the camera without having to perform any further actions. The technology uses biometric data to compare whether it really is the person on the ID card. Thanks to the use of artificial intelligence, it ensures that it is a living person and not a fraud attempt using a photo, video or a mask (liveness check). In the second step, the user registers his mobile device and authenticates himself using fingerprint or facial recognition. The process is completed within a few seconds. The verified account can then be accessed using common authentication methods or with a quick glance at the camera.

Not only does PXL Vision's system not require a password, it is also much more secure, as data is no longer stored on a device, app or browser where it can become a target for hackers. Instead, the data is stored at a leading German software house equipped with maximum security precautions. Phishing attempts also come to nothing. In addition, the age of the user is clarified via the ID data and services can be activated or blocked accordingly.

For users, the technology not only means a clear gain in security, but also in convenience. Passwords that no longer exist cannot be forgotten. Consumers no longer have to maintain password lists and store them securely. They can also access accounts from providers using PXL Vision's system from any device across system boundaries.
By using PXL Vision, companies prevent fraud and ensure regulatory compliance. They also improve revenue conversion by speeding up the verification process while reducing the abandonment rate when logging into a service.

About PXL Vision

PXL Vision is the Swiss market leader and premium provider of identity verification for enterprises. Based on artificial intelligence, PXL Vision offers a highly flexible, modular and configurable software platform for secure and fully automated identity verification. This meets complex requirements worldwide. PXL Vision helps businesses reduce customer onboarding and compliance costs, increase online sales, and prevent identity fraud. The seamless 30-second verification process minimizes abandonment and increases sales. PXL Vision operates in seven industries and is trusted by industry leaders such as Swisscom, BCB Group, Swisslife, Migros and SwissID. The company is headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, and operates throughout Europe and North America. For more information visit: https://www.pxl-vision.com/

About Nevis Security AG

develops security solutions for the digital world of tomorrow: The portfolio includes password-free logins that can be operated intuitively and optimally protect user data. As a specialist in authentication, Nevis brings more than twenty years of experience to the table: Until the beginning of 2020 as part of AdNovum Informatik AG, since then as an independent spin-off. In Switzerland, Nevis is the market leader for identity and access management and secures over 80 percent of all e-banking transactions. Worldwide, public authorities as well as leading service and industrial companies rely on Nevis solutions. In addition to its headquarters in Zurich, Nevis also has offices in Germany and Hungary. Further information is available at: www.nevis.net/de/

Nevis Security AG
Ingo Geisler
LEWIS Communications GmbH
Johannstrasse 1
D-40476 Düsseldorf
Phone: +41 211 882 476 07
E-mail: nevis-security@teamlewis.com


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