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PXL Vision for Digital Republic

Using PXL Ident and PXL Check, Digital Republic has streamlined identity verification for new customer onboarding and existing customer checks. Within a year, manual identity checks were halved and a 93% conversion rate had been achieved. 


About Digital Republic

Digital Republic
is a Swiss company that provides mobile internet and telephony services as well as customised solutions and platforms for the Internet of Things and machine-to-machine communication as a virtual mobile operator. The company is required to comply with certain regulatory requirements in order to sell its services. The compliance requirements include the proper identification of subscribers and the verification of personal details using an official identification document. Prior to the implementation, all verifications were done manually. Applicants had to upload a photo of their ID document, which was then checked by an operator. The process took only a few seconds - as there was an employee available in the company. On weekends or holidays, however, customers would have to wait up to 24 hours. As the number of customers grew, it was clear that the start-up needed an automated solution for identity verification. For Digital Republic, meeting compliance requirements was obviously a prerequisite when choosing an automated identity solution. Plus, it had to be easy to use and prevent fraud.


Implementation time of four weeks

The integration of the SaaS solution into Digital Republic's customer onboarding processes was implemented at the end of 2022. "The implementation, including testing, was completed very quickly within a month," says Product Manager and Product Owner Alfonso Matas. Since the beginning of 2023, Digital Republic has relied on the PXL Ident solutions for identity verification and PXL Check for onboarding in cases where the automated check fails and manual verification is required. Several optimisation steps were taken to increase the level of automation to the highest possible level. To this end, Digital Republic first defined together with PXL Vision the ID documents that the system should allow for automated verification. If an invalid document is uploaded, the applicant automatically receives an email requesting a valid ID document.

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Doubling the level of automation

"We gradually identified various optimisation options together with PXL Vision, increased the level of automation and eliminated redundancies," says Alfonso Matas. For example, the ID document data was automatically transferred to Digital Republic and synchronised with the CRM system. In most cases, this eliminates the need for Digital Republic to check the information manually. Customers can also change their own data in the customer database. This is because sometimes customers do not enter exactly the same information as on the ID document during the onboarding process. Digital Republic is required by law to store the exact ID data in its system. Linking the two systems eliminates the need for the customer's staff to manually check and correct the data.

By synchronising data between PXL Ident and Digital Republic's CRM, it is also possible to eliminate duplicates.

One year after the solution was implemented, the level of automation for the approximately 2,000 customer onboardings per month is over 70 %, compared to 30 % when the solution went live.  The aim is to further increase this rate through collaboration.

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User-friendly and secure

Matas is also pleased with other positive aspects of the solution. One of the most important criteria for the product owner is the high level of user-friendliness: "As the process is browser-based and there is no need to download an additional application, as is the case with other providers, we achieve a very high conversion rate of 93 %," says Matas. "This means we can deliver on our promise that customers can receive an eSIM within 5 to 10 minutes in more than half of cases." If the customer makes a mistake or a manual check is required, it takes longer. The high level of security offered by the solution should also not be forgotten. Matas explains: "To prevent fraud, PXL Ident detects when documents are not physically present, for example. We particularly appreciate the fact that PXL Vision is constantly working on new, innovative concepts to prevent fraud."

Last but not least, the Product Manager praises the straightforward collaboration with PXL Vision: "We received proactive help when the team realised that a customisation could support our process. I really appreciate this quality of collaboration and communication at eye level," he concludes.