Age verification with Swiss precision

December 29, 2021


- More protection for minors through age verification for online purchases
- PXL Vision offers Internet shops a secure, legally compliant system
- Secure age check without media breaks within seconds

Berlin, 29. December 2021. The legal provisions governing the sale of age-restricted goods, services or content serve to protect minors, are constantly evolving and are subject to ever stricter controls. Companies that do not keep up with this dynamic risk fines or even company closures if they violate the rules. PXL Vision, Swiss market leader for AI-based identity verification, now also offers a system for secure age verification for online purchases in Germany.

Films, online games, tobacco, alcohol, medicines - many goods and services that are subject to age restrictions are now offered online. However, providers must also ensure on the Internet that they only sell these products to permissible age groups. "Thanks to the use of a fully automated, AI-based system for identity verification, retailers not only establish the age of their customers, but also the complete customer identity if required. In this way, they not only ensure the protection of minors. They also prevent fraud and, if necessary, comply with other regulatory requirements. In addition, they can improve sales conversion by using a system that performs verification in the shortest possible time. ", knows Michael Born, CEO of PXL Vision.

For businesses, PXL Vision now offers an easy-to-integrate, platform-independent solution for secure identity verification and age determination. This works via the Internet browser or out-of-the-box via app. Integration into an existing app is also possible and can usually be implemented within a few days.

The PXL solution uses a normal smartphone camera to verify the identity of a user and the authenticity of an ID card. Passive life detection is used to verify that the person is genuine. High-performance biometric facial verification is used to ensure the document matches the user. All this happens in just 30 seconds. The PXL platform is fully customizable and modular, with multiple deployment options (web, mobile, cloud, on-premises, hybrid).

About PXL Vision
PXL Vision is the Swiss market leader and premium provider of identity verification for enterprises. Based on artificial intelligence, PXL Vision offers a highly flexible, modular and configurable software platform for secure and fully automated identity verification to meet complex requirements worldwide. PXL Vision helps businesses reduce customer onboarding and compliance costs, increase online sales, and prevent identity fraud. The seamless 30-second verification process minimizes abandonment and increases sales. PXL Vision operates in seven industries and is trusted by industry leaders such as Swisscom, BCB Group, Swiss Life, Migros and SwissID. The company is headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, and operates throughout Europe and North America. For more information about PXL Vision, visit:

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