Get ready Germany, Switzerland’s No.1 ID verification company has big expansion plans

May 18, 2021


Since the start of 2021, PXL Vision’s expansion into Germany has gained momentum. As of May 1, the company’s German market presence has strengthened to include 10 German-based employees and plans to expand further with more hires throughout the year.

The company, which is known for its best-in-class identity verification technologies that enable digital identities, is the market leader in Switzerland.

PXL Vision CEO Michael Born believes there are big opportunities to help improve identity verification solutions for businesses across Germany, a country that is working steadily to transform its digital regulations and legal requirements around customer onboarding and ID verification.

“The German market is a key expansion priority for PXL Vision”, Mr Born said.

“The Marketing & Sales team will be continuously enlarged and additional employees will join PXL Vision, especially in the areas of product development and compliance.”

“With the end of the pandemic on the horizon, PXL Vision has also started looking for suitable premises in Berlin, an ideal location to attract further talent and grow rapidly in the German startup capital.”

Big Growth Horizons for PXL Vision

Tanja Bartsch, PXL Vision’s Head of Sales, is extremely optimistic about the company’s big plans for Germany and praised the company’s management for their cultural inclusivity, transparency and open communication.

For Ms Bartsch, the belief in trying new things has been an important mindset that has helped the company excel in the German market.

“If someone has an idea – then we go for it. We call it instant execution,” she said. “We do not worship perfection”.

“Even if the idea might be flawed, this makes us so much faster than any other company in our space.”

Since the company was founded in 2017, PXL Vision has won numerous large business awards in Switzerland for its biometric verification technology and has quietly dominated the Swiss market with a number of key customer wins.

In a period of fewer than three years, PXL Vision has managed to sign contracts with major Swiss customers such as SwissID, Swisscom, Swiss Life, Sunrise/UPC, ZKB, Migros and Mobility, becoming the leading provider of automated customer verification in record time.

“This exponential growth that we are encountering here at PXL Vision, I have not encountered anywhere else before. I contribute that to the fact we are really working as a community here, where everyone can freely bring their strengths to the table, and their creativity”, Ms Bartsch said.

Celebrating one small step at a time

PXL Vision offers its customers maximum technical flexibility & multiple options for implementation, supporting any existing business process. Their fully flexible business model Is backed by years of research and development and offers in-depth industry experience in identity verification techniques.

This success story is now to be repeated in Germany and other selected markets.

“We do not have our focus on the things that are not working, but relentlessly on the things that are working”, Ms Bartsch added.

“We have been celebrating every small step of the way, every little achievement.”

“For us, success is a journey and an iterative process best achieved when walking down the road – even if it is not perfectly paved.”

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